Queensland Museum Network

For more than 150 years the Queensland Museum Network has grown alongside Queensland to inspire, enrich and empower communities. The Museum is custodian of the state’s natural and cultural heritage, caring for millions of items and specimens in collections that tell the changing story of Queensland. Services are delivered across the state through a network of public museums, including SparkLab, Sciencentre in Brisbane. Queensland Museum Network is always seeking new ways to engage with communities and classrooms across Queensland to ensure the state’s unique stories and discoveries are accessible to all.


BHP is a world-leading resources company determined to make a positive difference through their performance, shaping change for the better through innovation, productivity and technology. By working in partnership with others, BHP seeks to raise the bar, find new solutions and set new standards for the future. BHP aims to contribute to good governance with a focus on building capacity within community. This includes strengthening of institutions and working together to build relationships and reputation.

Technology Partner, Interspectral

Interpsectral is a 3D-visualisation software company that transforms complex 3D data into engaging interactive experiences and insights. Using Inside Explorer software, Interspectral creates unique experiences where users can digitally investigate the inside of objects like never before.

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